Monday, April 26, 2010


I'm still recuperating, what a whirlwind event! As usual, XanGo did it first class and with much inspiration! Dick Hoyt had everybody in tears! His humility and love for his son--just priceless. What he has done over the last 30 years so his son could feel as though he had no disability reminded me of God and his son, Jesus Christ and how Christ died for us. I am not kidding, you could feel a very strong spirit in that convention hall.

Gordon Morton, Jr., always my favorite speaker, was in rare form again. He used Tinker Toys to explain the XanGo compensation plan--lol! It was so simple, yet brilliant. I will never look at Tinker Toys the same again. Juni's line of family care products offered a convention special, Hand Refresher. Not hand sanitizer (with all the poisonous chemical crap in it). They offered 3 different scents and I think they all sold out. Rather than making your hands really dry, like regular hand sanitizers, this made your hands feel soft! What a concept!

The momentum that XanGo is experiencing right now is about Mach 7. Mexico is our leading market right now, or at least 2nd. Estella Salinas has surpassed Sherman Unkefer as the largest income earner! You go sista! She deserves it, she is a hardworking leader in Mexico. Russia is growing fast as well and I heard that Brazil will be open by next year. I guarantee you that country will grow like the speed of sound! It was so fun to see friends I've met through mymangosteen community and Facebook.

I appreciate the XanGo founders so much for "walking the walk and talking the talk." They have such integrity and compassion for all the charitable work they do.

Speaking of charity. Last January I committed to adding the meal pack to my adp every month and I'm so glad I did. What a blessing it is to be able to provide those meals to severely malnourished children. In the last two years, we have been able to provide over one million meals and will probably hit two million by the end of this year. What a company--best in the industry bar none! I am so blessed and grateful I have the opportunity to share it with others.

Ciao for now!

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