Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Need to Know: Dry Skin Essentials

in XanGo Products by Misha Hughes, Paramedical Master Aesthetician
In the mid-70’s it was thought that the Stratum Corneum (SC), the outermost layer of your epidermis and your skin’s barrier, was biologically inert seen as something similar to a thin sheet of plastic covering the body. Over the last 30 years in particular the past 5 years scientists have discovered the biological and chemical activity of the SC is incredibly intricate and complex. Understanding the structure and function of our barrier is important because it is the key to healthy skin. Hydration is absolutely essential for proper functioning of the skin particularly the SC. The retention of water (hydration) in the skin is reliant upon two major factors, the presence of natural moisturizing factor (NMF) and proper barrier function to reduce transepidermal water loss (TEWL). Why is this important to you? If you have skin that is typically dry, it is critical that your skin care regimen address both of these issues in order to deliver results. I not only believe that Glimpse thoroughly addresses each of these key issue for typically dry skin it does it without the use of silicones, mineral oil, or lanolin. BioActive X3 works in harmony with Niacinamide and Glucosamine to support your skin’s barrier 1, 2, 3. Additionally Glimpse cleansers are sulfate free, sulfates can aggravate a dry skin condition.

Please keep in mind that the various Glimpse regimen modifications are just one way you may adjust your daily regimen to address your current skin condition, there are numerous ways to customize your regimen to achieve your best skin.

Remember, your skin is a very dynamic organ and what it needs varies from day to day. When you have become familiar with the formulas you will naturally start adjusting your mixtures, customizing them to deliver to your skin what it needs now.

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