Friday, January 8, 2010

Launching the XanGo Goodness Foundation

XanGo is featured in this month's issue of Direct Selling News regarding the launching of XanGo's Goodness Foundation.

As a Direct Selling company with expansion into 34 international markets, XanGo felt the timing was right. With the XanGo Goodness Foundation, XanGo will strengthen its relationship with causes locally, around the country and across borders. Naturally, XanGo will continue to donate a significant portion of its profits to humanitarian work; however the foundation now enables the company to extend its reach to better the lives of more people.

The XanGo Goodness Foundation provides a focal point around which to rally our distributors, motivating their involvement on a global scale. XanGo focuses on healthier lives; it's only natural that we feel passionate about improving lives through the XanGo Goodness Foundation.

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